Lady Writes Olamide Open Letter Over His Annual Concert #OLIC 3

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Radio and TV Personality Adenike Oyetunde has composed an open letter to Olamide about his tremendously discussed Olamide Live In Concert Show – OLIC . Perused beneath :

“Dear Olamide , what was the deal? What !!!

I went to # Olic2 and beyond question , it was by a wide margin my BEST occasion a year ago . I talked , and discussed it ; everybody around me that didn’ t go, knew they had to this year .

Envision my energy when I saw these photos by TyBello, I knew # Olic3 was unquestionably going to be a hit. I expected to see ‘ Olamide Live In Concert’ * coughs . In my life , not even at either Canaanland or Redemption Camp had I EVER been stuck in such movement.

No reasonable plans on controlling people ( overlook that we are impossible to miss here ). The arrangement was run with Uber . There was a change, and a ’ s companion took @ mayowaekpo and I. What ought to have taken possibly 30minutes max, swung to two years in movement.

No one regarded it fit to let us know that no autos were going into Eko inn ; we were all simply trusting; stuck in movement. Walking in this way , isn ’ t generally my first alternative; for evident reasons.

At that point I got into the corridor , Olamide , why ?

I came in similarly as you were finished with your first trip and I figured , he ’ ll be back. You returned ONCE , while I was there and you played CD. Olamide , CD??? I’ m still excessively lost .

Compact disc … Like , ALL that for ‘ DJ, track 2 ’ .

Hold up to begin with, gather your cash from the sound individuals ; BAD, BAD solid. Indeed, even Adekunle ( God favor his heart) who did LIVE for us, they sha spoilt his sound .

I, Adenike Oyetunde came to see You Olamide , LIVE , ( it was a complimentary ticket, FYI ), and you nagged me with Comedy . HOW ??? How does that even function?

Alibaba ’ s January first Concert is coming, I’ ll get drama there, WHY , did you surrender, Why? I thought you had everything made sense of ; in any case , awon affirmative sold this BAD thought to you.

Incidentally, would you say you were at Asa’ s show? If not, PLEASE , Watch the CD . That is the thing that LIVE IN CONCERT is on about . I was TOO frustrated and I can’ t conceal it .

Excellency is KEY . You had ONE year to arrange. I sincerely didn’ t see ANY arrangement gracious; in any event, to me . Obviously, despite everything I moved , I shouted, I took recordings ; in any case , from a year ago; it could have been WAY better .

I won ’ t remark on that uncle that was hopping arand with you!!! Give us what we “paid ” for Nigerian Artiste, PLEASE . Individuals hustled to GET tickets . ”

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