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35 Pidgin English Proverbs

35 Pidgin English Proverbs


1, Feel at home, feel at home, na so visitor take dey spoil television.

2,Jollof rice wey dey bottom pot for fire, go dey on top of cooler when e done.

3, Do you know who I am, do you know who I am, na so traffic dey take start.

4, Akara and moin moin get the same parents. Na wetin dem pass through make them different.

5, No be who first call Police dey win the case.

6, Monkey smart, monkey smart, na because tree near tree.

7, E no get as e be wey e never be before.

8, Woman wey dey find pikin no dey wear cloth sleep.

9, No food for lazy man no be for pikin wey im mama dey sell food.

10, This one good, that one good, na im make mad man load plenty.

11, When money dey, friend go dey. When money go, friend go go.

12, Mosquito wey no dey hear word na im dey follow dead body enter grave.

13, The difference between Kpekere and plantain chips na packaging.

14, You see “thank you”, you dey find “very much”.

15, No matter the size of elephant, e no fit cause earthquake.

16, Pikin wey hide cane wey dey for house forget say bush near.

17, Cow wey rush go abroad go come back as corn beef.

18, You no go call goat brother just because you wan chop goat meat.

19, Na footballer wey ball dey im leg camera dey follow.

20, To craze no hard, na the trekking be the wahala.

21, Sun too hot no mean say fowl go lay boiled egg.

22, Temper hot, temper hot but e no still fit boil beans.

23, I no gree, I no gree, na im dey tear shirt.

24, Cow wey no get tail na God dey help am pursue fly.

25, Person wey dey cry dey see road.

26, Na person wey wear shoe know where e dey pain am.

27, Dem no dey tell blind man say rain dey fall.

28, Second hand suit no dey get trouser.

29, It’s a small world no mean say you go fit trek am.

30, Na man wey dey reason dey scratch im beards.

31 Money no dey today, money go dey tomorrow.

32, Dem no dey find black goat for midnight.

33, Person wey dey ask question no dey lost.

34, Escort me, escort me, na im slave trade take start.

35, Chop this man money, chop that man money, na so ashawo dey start.

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