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Arrival of the Blessed Guest (Ramadan) – By Habib Korede Jimoh

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It is human for us to rejoice at the arrival of a guest, and if the guest is so special, darling and important to us, then such joyful moments increases in multitude. As we dearly welcome our guest, we should know that their are a lot of bounties, mercies and blessings this honourable guest brings along, and we need to endure in humility, patience, perseverance and above all devotion; so that we can fully garner all the blessings, favors, mercies, and manifold rewards it comes with. The soothing guest to our heart has arrived and it comes but only once in every 12 months, not everyone has gotten the privilege to witness it, some that prepared for it yesterday did not live to witness it today and it is not by our own doing that we are alive to witness it; and as such, our un-quantifiable gratitude to Allah ‘Aza Wajal who extend our life to witness this month of Blessings, Patience, Devotion and Forgiveness โ€“ “The Month of Ramadan”.

Here is a month where the reward of a single good deed is multiplied in manifold so that we are encouraged to increase our good deeds, a month were temptations to a greater evil are removed and the zeal for an increased good deeds are readily available. In it, the gates to Hell are closed and the gates to Heavens are widely open. A month: where every second in it is favorable than the seconds of other months, where every minute is mightier than the minutes in other months, where every hour is honoured than the hours of other months, where every day is treasured than the days of other months, where every night is dignified than the night of other months; a month where in itself is beloved than other months. In this month, we have been ordered to fast in it throughout, we have been encouraged to: increase our recitation of Holy Qur’an, increase in given out charity, performance of taraweeh, unrelenting repentance (with the intention of not going back to former sin); in short, it is a month of hope, the month of submission, the month of purity and the month of increased devotion. The month in which Qur’an was sent down as a guidance to mankind, the month whose last ten 10 days are filled with more virtue and are highly meritorious; in the odd nights of the last 10 nights lies a single night that is superior than nights of a thousand months and within the odd nights is the particular night “Lailatul Qadr” (Night of Decree) and whoever spends the night in prayers; all his previous sins will be forgiven.

Ramadan is an important opportunity for us to benefit ourselves from it’s blessing’s, mercy and virtue, and as well, it is an opportunity for us to encourage others to benefit themselves from it. In accordance to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu ‘Alaihi Assalam), we have been advised to do all kind of good deeds with faith and a sincere intention โ€“ hoping for reward, and doing that will bring us closer to Allah ‘Aza Wajal than we have ever been, even after Ramadan; In-Sha-Allah.

May the Almighty Allah make this new crescent to shine on us with tranquility, safety, faith, security, good health, increased sustenance, Islam and good fortune to do what is beloved and pleasing to Him. May He in His Infinite Mercy grant our leaders the wisdom to lead us rightly, accountably and sincerely and may we the followers have the patience to follow their lead and may He makes Nigeria to be more peaceful and accommodating than it ever was.

N.B. We should not forget to remember our brothers in prayers – those who wish to join us in this Great worship but were handicapped; may the Almighty Allah bring succour to them and may He makes peace to reign across the globe and may He continue to protect us from the wickedness of the wicked souls, from the tyranny of the tyrants and from the oppression of the oppressors; by His Mercy, In-Sha-Allah.

May Allah ‘Aza Wajal place us among the best folks and companions of this Noble Month, and may He in His Infinite Mercy make us from those who avail this opportunity and do all types of good deeds in faith and hope for reward, and may He grant us the reward. Ameen!


ยฉHabib Korede Jimoh
17th May, 2018ยฎ


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