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Ekemode Damilare Seun

*THE* only clime where a journalist is relegated, trampled and his hallowed job given to touts, is this human cave commonly called Nigeria. To the politicians and his oafish lieutenants, Journalists have no defined place in the society, save being theoretically tagged members of the Fourth Estate of the Realm in the concocted Islamic document known as Constitution. His noetic value doesn’t matter in the scheme of things!

This explains why intellectually demanding tasks like news gathering and reporting, speech and political reporting, editorial and commentary writing with special emphasis on headlining, a task, if we are humble and sincere, can only be done masterfully to gain public appeal, is carelessly given to hacks, domestic if not wild animals in human clothing, in the name of Personal Assistants or whatever to undertake.

As the saying goes, _when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable_.

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As one who has gained mastery of the use of gun and bullets as cultists, thugs who every four years is seen carting away election materials, these Aides mistake the pen for a gun.

Using the usual hit and run approach, they erroneously believe writing for his principal also involves same crude approach. Rather than allowing him continue with his sniping job, or getting befitting job for him, the confused politician gives the job of a Journalist and Public Relations experts trained in the art and science of creative writing, opinion formation, political communication and propaganda to a thug because he, the politician has zero regard for the journalist.

He sees the Journalist as doing nothing special compared to what the doctors, engineers, lawyers even surveyors are doing. The Nigerian Journalist is nothing  before the blind politician.

He is never taken serious for once.
The Journalist problem is further compounded by even his employer. Months after months, he is not paid by his employer. He is not carrying any title, he is not addressed as Dr this and Dr that.

He is not an Engineer this, or Engineer that. His condition is the least if at all, the lawmakers will ever pay attention to when there are serious legislative businesses for the day.

If the government like, he should be jailed for informing the public, who cares.
After all, their thugs in the name of PAs can do what the Journalist is doing. Is it not just to ‘write’  what is there? We can do without him, let him go please.

The socioeconomic condition of the Journalist has made some greedy parents to advise their children to rethink their relationship with any Journalist as his source of livelihood is information hinged.
In other words, where information is withheld, food is withheld!
The thugs, as emissaries of illicit tasks, if the politician has not lost his mind should not, I repeat, not carry out such tasks of image laundry of damages caused as a result of vision less and clueless policies of the politicians because the crises of language and presentation will mar its success.

As the election draws near on daily basis, those who claim the Journalist is nothing, are busy writing nonsense in the name of news writing. Even when the works bear the imprimatur of one who’s mentally stranded, with contraband too many, they claim they are doing their ‘job’ of course, they are doing their ‘job’.

From gagging the Press, the news hunter in some brutish instances returns home with lacerations by the politicians’ thugs.

No insurance cover for the Journalist. In fact he is seen as not having need for one.

He treks miles and kilometers in search of oddities with public appeal. Even those in public media corporations are handsomely paid.
The thugs make mess and jest a of noble profession like journalism by the nonsense they write and have the audacity to upload same on a social media platforms for their confused politicians to see that they are really working, convincing the latter that Journalist is not needed and that he, as a thug, can do the job of a Journalist very well.

Interestingly, he is congratulated for a job well done
In their desperation, they concoct nonsense thinking they are promoting their principal. They are ethically stubborn. They give town crier information in the name of radio announcement. The insult political personages in the name of propaganda. They write and fabricate  anything in the name of news writing.

When you read, them from the beginning to the end, you will be struggling with meaning.
No coherence, no linking. Because they know next to nothing, in the pretext of writing, they insult their ‘governor’ in all. Some of them don’t have respect for punctuation mark.

One of them can write about two pages, without knowing when and where to drop full stop, or a comma. At the end, he will say nonsense. They write all manner of things without calling them to order and advise them to be ethically compliant. Those reading their hatchets works, see how headless their principal is by engaging such people as media or personal aides.

While the Journalist cannot claim to be carried by the euphoria of knowledge and versatility as a vendor of knowledge and ideas, he surely knows with certainty, he cannot do the work of a trained medic, nor a COREN certified engineer, pharmacist and surveyor! So thugs and snippers should as well not be swayed by the euphoria of power, and foray into the world of journalism by undertaking what is intellectually challenging.
Failure to adhere strictly to this job description  prescription, will lead to insult on their principal for assembling touts as penmen.
Many a time, I stare into space in utter disbelief how these oafs can be allowed to undertake decent jobs meant for Journalists in the name of politics.

The agony of a Journalist. Well, in Owellian Kingdom, which Nigeria typifies, anything goes.
My happiness is because when these hacks mess the whole thing, their principal will quickly call Press Conference where the real Journalist is availed the opportunity of hearing from the horse’s mouth, the true situation of things while barring the overzealous aides from entering the event venue.
Journalist should be allowed to do their job, not gun and machete wielding thugs! Reporting and creative writing is chiefly the preserve of Journalists.
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