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EVENT: Fist ever Futo Royalty Seminar


Futo Royalties has lagged so much in using their titles to go places..  Don’t know why,  but we believe it’s because we all feel our titles aren’t worth that level and who we disagree especially those with the School major titles like Mr and Miss Futo / Mr and Miss SUG.

So for us to understand this, we’re bringing this first ever seminar for all futo royalty and all models which will hold on the 17th of February, 2017 to teach US  what we’re made of and what we can achieve and a certificate will be given too for 1,000 (not compulsory)


Most people will ask what are the benefits of getting a certificate of participation from this great seminar titled “who we are”, here are few importance of this certificate

1. This certificate shows one truely attended the first ever futo royalty seminar titled “who are we” held in the federal university of technology owerri and thus making you a full member of the bigger picture “who we are movement” set to change Nigerian…  As this movement doesn’t end here in FUTO

2. This seminar is been sponsored by high individuals and companies and this certificate when presented proves you attended the seminar and can easily get you accessed to this individuals and companies

3. It’s our pleasure to tell you that the movement has signed partnership with major modelling agencies, brands, event and pageantry and as a member of this movement you have 50% chance of scaling through in modeling and making it as a Queen and king

4. Also as a member of this movement..  We assist help give advice and training of members…  Help you in picking contest to go for..  Pet projects and jobs to look out for.

Don’t miss it…

For more info 08060309128 or 08112097424

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