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Interview: Comrade Badaru Abiola Abdul-Basit Senapon Aspirant Member Lagos State House of Assembly Badagry Constituency





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The aspirant Badagry Constituency I Seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Comrade  has promised that if given the mandate to serve, he would initiate policies and programmes that will put smiles on the faces of the people of his constituency.

The Lagos state aspirant for member house of Assembly Badagry constituency Comrade Badaru Abiola Abdul-Basit Senapon . Had an interview with Seun Joseph(Topnews)  stating his aim and objectives for his people. He is a man ready to stretch his last arm for his people

The Assembly hopeful who is a frontline member of the All Progressive  Party (APC) in Badagry, expressed optimism that his administration will ensure effective representation, security, empowerment and integrity, described himself as the solution to the problems of his constituency






Good day sir, can we meet you sir?

Am Badaru Abiola Abdul-Basit Senapon, the frist indigene of Badagry to have become a Students’ Union President not only in Nigeria but across the globe is a renowned human right activist and polymath. He bagged his bachelor and master’s degrees from the most prestigious , Lagos State University. Being a native of western part of Badagry Lagos State, Basit was born on the 15th of November,1985, into the family of Islamic Scholar, Sheik Alhaji Badrudeen A.A (The Grand Mufti of Kweme Kingdom) of the scholarly Ogu clan of Badagry West,Lagos State, Nigeria.

Basit is a dedicated, energetic, prolific young humanitarian activist,, social crusader, public preacher and international lecturer whose quest is to ensure and entrenchment of egalitarian society where the fundamental rights of all and sundry especially the downtrodden are protected with transparency, justice, fairness and orderliness. He is also a globally recognized personality with over 10years of professional experience in local and international advocacy having worked with organizations such as The West African Union University, Lagos state Scholarship Board, ESEP LE BERGER, Joint Professionals Training and support international, in various recipient of the Badagry Youth Ambassadors, Icon of Solace, the great democrat, first indigene of Badagry to become SUG President and many more awards.


Comrade Basit and his Gbaji Semeborder Youth also executed a very unprecedented landmark achievement for their people within the coastal area of Badagry West LCDA by facilitating the electrification of about 50 Lagos State Communities subjected to over two decades total blackout. The communities are not only Gbaji, Aivoji, Oglogbo, Gbethrome, Asakpo, Boglo, Fanuvi, Yard, Ashipanu, Kenwemeh, Pengbo, Bapo, Azangbemeh, Agbathogbodhomeh, Aketegbo, Wesere Topa, Hovemeto, Totha, Snito, Gbegbome, Pitimeh,Falola,Ozinigbo, Kparada, Akpato, Whaingbmeh, Akoro-Kodji,Agorin Beach, Thosuvi, Yenawa but few to mention.

After decade of graduating from the Lagos state university, Basit was admitted into the Graduate Finishing School as a fellow, Miwawiwe Foundation in partnership with Dooke innovation Center where he had a paradigm shift and self discovery to contest as an honourable member of Lagos state House of Assembly 2019. One of his role models are David Opeyemi Oke, a renowned realist and capacity builder, indoctrinated him into speaking freely on political issues , youth governance in politics and by extension human capacity developments.

Comrade Basit is the owner of Al – Baru Private School  and career Growth academy(Al – Baru tutor a fast growing training / recruitment / project management institutions that have helped over 200 youths excels academically .

Over the last two years ,he has trained over 3000  youths (unemployed , corpers , undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers, proprietors of private schools etc on capacity development/ employability entrepreneurship, online digital skill and human rights activism.



Topnews: Sir, why are you into politics?

Basit: Quite frankly, there have been times in the last 10 years or thereabout when venturing into politics via Lagos State House of Assembly seemed to me like a cesspool of corruption, an oasis of immorality and an open sewage of political prostitution and bastardly. Rather than being a fool who rushes where angels fear to tread, one should think twice (or more!) before venturing into a setting that has sometimes resembled the facsimile of a political Gomorrah. But then, our assembly is only a microcosm of the larger society from where our parliamentarians were drawn. In any case, it is in response to the faith and persistence of my people that I eventually accepted to seek candidacy for election in the Lagos State House of Assembly. Even so, I entertain no illusion about the ponderousness of the challenges I am about to undertake


Topnews:Which part of Lagos are you from?

Basit: Badagry West LCDA


Topnews:Why do you want to become an honourable member in the Lagos state House of Assembly?

Basit:Each time this question is asked . I always respond by asking why must I not run.

Our roads are bad, our communities are subjected to 20years darkness, our people die of hunger, our schools are nothing to write home about, our  leaders live in satisfying selfish or clique interests at me detriment of general and collective interests.

I want to contest because have a vision of building the fastest growing most rewarding  and most transformative leadership community by the operative of legislation.

it’s quite  a long time Badagry has been regarded as an undeveloped community. But by the grace of God assistance of Badagrians  we shall build a Badagry that will compete with Dubai in terms of Economics , Social Poltical, infrastructural and environmental development.


topnews:Can anything make you  withdraw from this race?

Basit: Only God can withdraw me from this race of service to humanity .


Topnews: How many local Government areas has your campaign team covered?

Basit: My constituency consists 12 wards spread in 2 different local councils and a local government.


Topnews: Lastly what should the people of Badagry be expecting from you?

Basit:Of course a total transformative leadership community.

Political transformation, socioeconomic transformation, infrastructural transformation, egalitarian representation, transparency, accountability, team work.

I am highly optimistic of a Brighter and stronger Badagry (BSB) when I emerge as the honorable member representing Badagry constituency 1. Either within or outside of the state house of assembly, I shall not mortgage my conscience for filthy lucre and earthly possession. Girding my loins with truth, I will strive for that which is noble and of good report before God and in the court of history. I am trusting that God will enable me to bring to the house of assembly the nationalism of Mbonu Ojike, the seriousness of Obafemi Awolowo, the erudition of Gani Fawehinmi, the magnanimity of Bode Olajumoke , the humility of Aminu Kano, the courage of Joseph Tarka, the diplomacy of Bola Tinubu and the crusading spirit of Kenule Saro Wiwa. I am counting on my leaders and friends for prayers, intellectual inputs and immediate financial support to wage a successful campaign. May God crown our efforts with resounding success?


Topnews:Thanks you very for your time , hope to call on oyu again.

Basit : You are always welcome.

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