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Reflex Sound hits on Upcoming Artistes | @ReflexSoundz


It’s interesting how some new artist feel that the only time they can achieve results is by working only with super big names in the industry.
He said –  I respect the big names, they worked hard to get there, but that is exactly my point. They worked so hard to build that brand and therefore it’s time to reap the
benefits of their hardwork. And if you can’t afford them, there is an option…. Build a relationship with a new growing brand.

He continued….
I have seen upcoming artist work with a upcoming brands (artist, producers,mix and Mastering engineers etc) and these brands try hard to do the best they can
for them regardless of their limited funds, and then suddenly they forget so soon.
They probably get some sponsor who has agreed to throw in some money based on the work he has seen. And then the artist foolishly thinks he can act smart, he
climb up the ladder and goes paying huge sums to those
brands at the top thinking that their money can buy them a good relationship with them. Lol, sooner or later the run out of funds and return back to the old hands.
Shame on you…

Look you wld get your job done properly (if ure lucky)
but that’s where it stops. Money is good but relationship is important too. Ur career can positively be influenced by the big brands
but it’s not necessarily an assurance that you wld
achieve complete success.

You need a team of dedicated
people “AT YOUR LEVEL” don’t be fooled.
For example… SUKA SOUNDS Is a wonderful and amazing Engineer, but doesn’t entirely mean if he does the mix of your track assures it a hit. he’s not a promoter remember
DJ coublon is a dope ass producer, a music producer with a highly respected portfolio (by d way i think he deserved best producer of the year 2016) but if you can’t
afford to promote your song properly after paying for a Dj Coublon stellar production.. .. What exactly have u achieved?…

Do u think if they hear Dj coublon/ suka sounds on ur songs then Media houses, DJ’s and all wld
automatically put ur song on heavy rotation? Hian!!!
Please Stay Woke
Build ur team, and don’t abandon those who helped groom ur brand, Others have failed woefully doing so,

Download his recent song titled  Check

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  1. dme_Frankzee says

    A word is enough for the wise, big bro finished it up great advise baba

  2. Henzzy says

    thankz Bro…

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