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Why Do Doctors Always Have Bad Handwriting?


I had a friend back in high school, he used to have the finest of writings. .An artist at the moment.

Two years ago, he travelled out to study Medicine and Surgery. He got back yesterday and called me. He was all over in tears. I asked him what happened?

Told me to come see him at his house. It was dark already few minutes past midnight. But what could I do? A friend needed my help. So I got into my dad’s car.

Drove about an hour. His house was somewhat far from mine a hundred kilometers away. I got to his place by few minutes past 1, It was late and I was tired.

Got out of the car, got to his house and I saw everyone in tears. I couldn’t control myself, so I joined the charade.

We were drunk not with wine, but with the tears from our eyes. I got to where my friend sat.

He was a good friend; that friend.
I have never seen him in so much pain,
His hands were shaking, his voice broken. whimpering like a young puppy. My heart bled.

He looked up to me with water in his eyes, and I at his. He couldn’t speak, he was weak.

He finally picked up courage and you know what he said.

He said to me “Hey, Chief you remember back in highschool when we was mates? I’d tell how much I wanted us to live to see our kids” When we sketched together”

With tears in my eyes I said
“yeeee…esss I do remember”

Then he said there was something he needed to show me, he took me upstairs
We got to his room and he brought out a bag, an old bag of his.

He opened the bag, there was a piece of paper inside.

He said there was something he needed to show me, he brought out an old drawing of his alongside some of his graffiti sketches.

Then suddenly he shuddered and cried the more.

“Remember I had to travel abroad two years ago to study” he said.

He continued, After I got there, I thought it was a place of enjoyment, I got into school…two years into study I had to give it all up.

Now what I’m about to show you, no one must know.

I felt pain for him.

Then I encouraged him and told him to go on with what he needed to show me, he brought out a pen and wrote “THIS” in capital letters.

I was confused.

“I can clearly see that “THIS” is written on the sheet of paper you’re holding”
I said.
But what does have to do with why you called me over to your place?

He said that was the whole point
Can’t you see that ever since I started studying medicine and surgery, my HANDWRITING has changed, it has become worse.

“Is that why you called me at 12am in the morning” I yelled at him.
He said Yes, that he needs me now more than ever.

I don’t know the time you spent reading this, but I’m typing this out of the misery my friend brought upon me.

People are mad in this world.

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